Description of how vote result in percentage is calculated

Pecentage result

The term percentage or symbol % is used frequently in everyday language and life. For example, it is common to see sales with 20% discount, or restaurant bills with 10% service charges, as well as reports in newspapers discussing tax, unemployment and other values in percentage terms. Percentages are used in these ways as a simplified means of conveying size or scale or value

Percentage means parts out of 100 and is the same as a fraction with a denominator (bottom) of 100.

15% means 15 parts out of 100 and is the same as the fraction 15/100, 87% means 87 parts out of 100 and is the same as the fraction 87/100. A further way of expressing parts out of 100 is using a decimal and so percentages can also be expressed as decimals:15% is the same as 0.15 or 15/100 87% is the same as 0.87 or 87/100.

For the Vote result calculation , it is calculated as (your total number of votes/total votes for every contestant) * 100

Example, if the voting just started and a contestant gets 1 vote, his result becomes 1/1(*100) = 100% and every other person 0%, if another person gets another vote, it now becomes (1/2)*100 which is 50 %, so automatically the other persons vote drops from 100% to 50 %, and so on. As more people vote and we have about 200 votes in the system, the calculation is now (your votes/200) * 100, so if for example you have 20 votes out of the 200 in the system that makes your vote result (20/200)*100 = 10%

The above info describes correctly how vote results are calculated, so the results are bound to keep fluctuating as far as the voting contest is still on.


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