Afolabi Tijes..

Candidate Number: 001

Vote Result: 0.71%

No of Votes: 35

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Ayandokun Tai..

Candidate Number: 002

Vote Result: 0.36%

No of Votes: 18

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Anwo Oluwatob..

Candidate Number: 004

Vote Result: 4.22%

No of Votes: 209

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Ilugbiyin Mar..

Candidate Number: 005

Vote Result: 0%

No of Votes: 0

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Yusuf Bukola

Candidate Number: 006

Vote Result: 23.22%

No of Votes: 1151

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Akintoye Mary..

Candidate Number: 007

Vote Result: 20.88%

No of Votes: 1035

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Igwe Esther

Candidate Number: 008

Vote Result: 2.18%

No of Votes: 108

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Oyewusi Tosin

Candidate Number: 011

Vote Result: 0.56%

No of Votes: 28

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Nafiu Barakat..

Candidate Number: 012

Vote Result: 0%

No of Votes: 0

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Sade David

Candidate Number: 013

Vote Result: 1.59%

No of Votes: 79

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Esther oladap..

Candidate Number: 015

Vote Result: 2.46%

No of Votes: 122

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Taofeek Abeeb..

Candidate Number: 016

Vote Result: 0.12%

No of Votes: 6

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Olawade Abimb..

Candidate Number: 017

Vote Result: 0.63%

No of Votes: 31

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Akinpelu Elis..

Candidate Number: 018

Vote Result: 0.06%

No of Votes: 3

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Odeyemi Motun..

Candidate Number: 019

Vote Result: 9.74%

No of Votes: 483

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Ibironke Opey..

Candidate Number: 020

Vote Result: 0.38%

No of Votes: 19

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Kajogbola Bar..

Candidate Number: 022

Vote Result: 0.97%

No of Votes: 48

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Ahmed omolola..

Candidate Number: 023

Vote Result: 21.99%

No of Votes: 1090

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Oyeleye oluwa..

Candidate Number: 024

Vote Result: 9.72%

No of Votes: 482

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