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With a mission to preserve the Anaañ history, language and culture and to promote our cultural heritage, through a yearly cultural event with the coinage Annang Festival of Arts and Culture, abbreviated as "AFAC"; And, to promote as well as market Anaañ language, industry, produce, arts and crafts including advancing the appreciation and understanding of Anaañ artistic production, scholarship, and cultural traditions and work with other Anaañ likeminded organizations at home and in diaspora in order to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage, values and tradition of Anaañ, Nto Annang Foundation (NAF) presents Annang Festival of Arts and Culture 2019 tagged AFAC 2019.

As part of NAF’s activities to mark the fourth edition of its innovation AFAC 2019, whose direction in 2019 is reflected in the theme: "Harnessing Anaañ Cultural Assets for Economic Gains" and with the endorsement of National Council for Art and Culture (NACA), Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) and Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it has birthed AFAC 2019. This promises to be one of the biggest show stoppers and largest fiesta in 2019. This is more so specifically for AFAC Night of Stars and Beauty as an outstanding among other contents of AFAC 2019. In addition to culture being expressed in our speeches, dressing, eating, dancing, and various aspects of daily life, our cultural identity, and that culture makes, define and identify us as a people with a common vision, goal and philosophy.

The AFAC Night of Stars and Beauty comprised of the cerebration of the Anaañgness in all of us through The Annang Hall of Fame, The Awards of Excellence to deserving and distinguished Annang Sons, daughters and friends of Anaañ; dance, poetry, Arts and performances by star studded squad of renowned artists in Nigeria and this will be crowned with the Ujai Annang Beauty Pageant. This beauty showpiece cerebrates the uniqueness of a woman and seeks to empower them to be bolder, stronger, daring and innovative in their thoughts and approach to life in fast changing and dynamic world. It challenges the status quo and inspires them into the realities of today’s changing world for our women folk. Now in its 3rd edition, it is open to intelligent, brilliant, stunning and aesthetically sublime females between the ages of 18-29years with passion for pageantry and what it takes to wear a crown.

Special features for the contest include: fashion exhibition, cultural dance, cultural parade, comedy, music, cooking competition of local delicacies and lots more. Contestants shall also be asked a range of questions. All these envisions an enviable ensemble of Anaañ Sons and Daughters, where the elements of Anaañ culture are better retrieved, delineated and integrated in order to build a strong unitary force and cultural bond among all and sundry.
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