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According to research; lot of Nigerians are living in penury and still, more are homeless. Many of them are also living in ramshackle apartments. What does an average Nigerian want? Good home, good food, cozy apartments and reliable infrastructural facilities. The lack of these causes discomfort in homes. Unfortunately, many households lack these. Many lives could be touched and smiles brought to their faces by improving their living conditions.

Tush My Apartment, a concept of Tush My Home Global Limited is a Reality TV Show, new in Africa. A resourceful team of experts will transform, customize and completely turnaround lucky subscribers' apartment to an impeccable beautiful home. The outcome of the tushing will be beyond the winners' imagination. Ramshackle apartments will be transformed into cozy apartments, wherever it's located; either in the ghetto, slum or in the most expensive estate.

Subscribers could also win a home.

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