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Finally the Registration for the next edition has started

Are you interested in the photo contest ‘’BEST PHOTOGENIC 2021’’ which is presented by the biggest and the most reputable brand ever, Brain Beauty Models?
This time around we are here bigger and stronger and as you know this happens once in a while is it because you don’t have a professional photo.
Well, if that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about you can contest with any photo of your choice, yes you can contest with normal camera photo taken by your phone camera.
You might also hesitate because you felt that only a certain type of people with specific body features maybe height body color or shape are needed. Well, in our photo contest, everyone can participate no mater your height, body shape or skin colour. Remember, you’re beautiful don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.There are also amazing prices to be won including cash prices

Winner gets 50k cash price +Infinix Hot 10 Pro, human hair, designer bag , T- Shirt from JY’S Collection and ambassadorial deals

2nd runner up: 30k cash price + a Human Hair, T-Shirt from JY’S Collection and ambassadorial deals

1st Runner Up gets 20k cash price + ambassadorial deals

there’s another good news the winner will also be on a monthly payroll of. That sounds good, right?

Well to contest all you need to do is follow @Brainbeautymodels@jys_fashioncollections and follow our sponsor @Dovadje, send a message to us on WhatsApp 09025255843 or click on the link in our bio.

For more enquiries call/WhatsApp us on 09025255843
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